Sunday, August 1, 2010

Floor Mopping The Manly Way

My sweet husband grew up in a home where the division of labor between men and women is very very traditional.  Men folk do the yard work and bring home the bacon.  Women, they pretty much take care of everything else, especially "indoor chores".  Me, I grew up in a home where roles were not traditional.  My mom mowed the lawn and my Dad made many a meal.  Hutch and I have been married for ten years now.... and, as you can surely guess, we've had many things to sort out as far as "division of labor"!  :) 

Hutch lets me mow the lawn now and again, and I work part time outside the home.  I've learned how much it means to Hutch to have me have a hot meal on the table when he gets home from work, and for me to match up his work clothes and keep up with his laundry.

But... on to the story.  Apart from doing dishes when I'm at work and carrying the laundry up and down the stairs, Hutch doesn't do many domestic chores.  But, when I ask him to do something, he usually quite willingly obligues.  Over the years, mopping the floor has become one of "his" jobs.  He doesn't do it often, but when he does, boy does that floor shine!

Apparently Hutch recently decided that mopping the floor the traditional way is more "women's work".  He invented his own "manly" way of mopping the floor.  I came home to see this, his invention........
He took his power sander and attached a sponge to it, and proceeded to clean our kitchen floor!
Apparently it is a lot more fun that way, and, according to him, it cleans much more effectively!
I say I don't care how he cleans the floor, as long as he is cleaning it!
Thanks Hon!


Linda said...

How wise you are!! Looks awfully hard on the back though........Maybe he could get a really long extension??? Otherwise looks like a good idea.

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh... that is hilarious!!! My hubby would be all over that. Love the way your guy thinks!!


-c-h-i-e said...

Yay! hubby and I just did a major "contest" cleaning of the house today and it was fun! That's so nice of your hubby to help you inside the house even doing "his way" :D

gen said...

I'm laughing, because that is the sort of thing my dh would do!