Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nay-Nay 2

When I posted below, I forgot the reason why I had decided to post pictures of you, Nathan.  You have said a couple of incredibly cute things in the past few days. 

When I came downstairs the other day you were busy sweeping the kitchen floor with a small broom.  I asked you what you were doing and you said, "I brooming".  :)  I asked if you were sweeping the floor and you said, "I broom my chair".  So cute!  You're becoming quite the little helper.  Whenever I go downstairs to do laundry, you run as fast as you can to catch up and help.  You delight in throwing the clothes into the washing machine... mostly because you like to watch the "bubbles" that the detergent makes.  You also like putting the clothes into the dryer, squeeling with delight every time you find an article of clothing that you recognize.  It's amazing how much a pair of pajamas, a sock, or favorite shirt can cause so much joy.... oh, and undies...  you're a boy... you think the boxers and undies are hilarious. 

Another "funny":

When I picked you up from your early intervention group last week you hopped in the car and looked around and said, "Hey, where my peoples?".  I said, "You mean Andrew, Elizabeth and Alex?".  You replied, "Yeah, my peoples."

I love, love, love this age.  Though you can be determined to be contrary, you are incredibly cute.  I love the hilarious things you say and the way that you view life.  I love the laughter and the sweetness.  I even love your pout and your stomps of frustration.

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