Friday, November 21, 2008


Sunday was the annual WRCP skate party. (WRCP is a fantastic organization that has provided support services for our family due to all of Nathan's medical challenges).

We went to the skate party last year and had a great time and the kids couldn't wait to go again this year. Last year we were carting around Nathan's oxygen tank and monitor, but he was quite content to stay quietly in the stroller and look around. Not so this year! He thought he ought to be out on the floor with everyone else! It made the afternoon challenging, but we are so grateful that Nathan can run around and get into trouble. There were times last year when we didn't think he'd sit or crawl, much less walk! Thank you, Lord. The kids all started out "hugging the wall", but the twins really got the hang of it by the end. Andrew became a speed demon, and neither he nor Elizabeth needed to hold onto anything. Alex... well, let's just say he is two years younger and needs more time to develop the skills to stand up on skates, much less to actually move in them! Daddy got a work out trying to hold him up! Alex has a great smile, though... and had a blast trying to skate!
No skates for Nathan this year... though he sure wanted them. I alternated between pushing him in the stroller (often times with another kid or two hanging off either side of me) and chasing him all over the rink while trying to dodge other children who were skating.
Andrew says he wants to learn to do "jumps" on skates... and I believe him! Perhaps there are skating lessons in his future!

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