Sunday, November 30, 2008

He owes me

Andrew does. not. like. getting his picture taken. Last month was picture day at school. Andrew cried. Andrew begged. Andrew bargained. Andrew was willing to do anything to get out of having to take his school picture. Since I don't care much for the quality of school pictures anyway, I decided to let Andrew off the hook - with one condition - that he cooperate and do a photo shoot with me. (Well, that and I couldn't very well force the child to have a picture taken when he was adamant about not cooperating)

Andrew tried, but just couldn't do it. Here's the cheesy smile with no eye contact.Here's the "I'm trying hard not to laugh or look at you" face.
Here's the "seriously, I'd rather be over there with the guys doing something more interesting" look.Okay, here's an attempt at a smile... and I'm even going to put my face above the rail, sort of. :)
Hey... no more pictures. I smiled once. What do you mean i have to do it again?
I'll seriously have to think about this one. More pictures over here?
Okay, but don't ask me to smile.
Oops... i laughed... can't let you catch that. Must. Cover. Face. With. Hands.
Now must stick tongue out!
Okay, now I've really had it. I'm going to let you have it.
Just kidding... i might be persuaded to smile... as long as i can keep my mouth closed. Quit trying so hard to make me laugh. It's working, darn it.
Is this good? I don't mind... but, stop calling me cute.
Mr. Serious.
It's cold out here lady. Are we almost done?
I don't know. Does he still owe me? Or did we get a decent second grade picture? Or, as Andrew says, do I owe HIM?