Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've written several posts "in my head" but haven't actually managed to write them down here on the computer... the story of my life... no time to do that which I'd like to do. Intentions are good, though. :)

We had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner at Gordie's brother's house. Once again Gordie's parents and all four of his brother's and their families were able to celebrate together. Go Marsha! She does an amazing job feeding all 19 of us (we had a very welcome "extra" with us this year)!

Yummy turkey!

The kids table. Our nieces have outgrown the "kid table", but sure make our kids happy by continuing to sit there. It sounded like they were having much more fun out there in the kitchen - so much laughter.
Marsha gave us an assignment before dinner. Each of us wrote down something that we were thankful for and something that we looked forward to in the coming year.... then we switched cards and shared. Here is some of what was shared:
We are thankful for health, family, friends, kids and kids at heart, helicopters, birds, Nathan doing so well, for the gift of Jesus' death on the cross so that we can have everlasting life, wisdom, the "good folks of the military that give me opportunity to get together with family and friends", "clean underwear in season", "health even without wealth", and "National Security for now".
Some things were are looking forward to - going to Hawaii (2 weeks in Kauai - can't wait!), job opportunities, grandkids (which one of you wrote that?!!), a girls get together, being together in the years to come, becoming a fighter pilot, traveling, more of life's surprises, more time to enjoy family and friends and the simple things in life, college, and a great education.

I hope you enjoyed a blessed holiday with friends and family!

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