Saturday, July 9, 2011

Farewell Barbara

Sunday we got the very sad news that my step-mother, Barb, died unexpectedly.  We were planning to visit Dad and Barb this week.  Instead, we will be attending Barb's memorial service.  I am grateful, in a way, that we were already out here when this happened and that we drove here.  We will now have more flexibility to stay and help out.
We last saw Dad and Barb in September.
We spent three days together in Pueblo, CO.
We were all together to celebrate my brother's 40th birthday.
Plenty of laughter and fun. 
The kids and Barb especially liked the guy who twisted balloons together at the restaurant.  He made my Dad this motorcycle.
We will miss you Barb!  I will miss our frequent phone conversations, your encouragement.  The kids said that Barb is "kind", "Nice smile", "Loves books".  You will be missed!

We are heading to Los Alamos for the memorial service.

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Kristina said...

I really like this photo Kari. One of the comments I remembering hearing after Mom's funeral service was about how many grandchildren she had between all of us kids! 15 I think!