Friday, July 29, 2011

El Paso

Wow, too busy having fun traveling to update this blog.  Sorry to those of you waiting to see pictures!  :)
  This cutie above belongs to my brother and his wife whom we visited in El Paso.
 It was the first time we had met these two (wife and baby) and we had a blast.
 I can't believe my little brother has a baby girl.  Well, actually, both of my little brothers have had little girls this year! 
 Mike is so good with her.
Had a great time meeting Mike's step-daughter as well. 
Elizabeth was THRILLED to have more girls in the family.
She gets so tired of being surrounded by boys.
Couldn't pay my kids to pose for a picture....
Elizabeth and her new found friend (cousin).

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Kate said...

What a gorgeous baby!