Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rock Climbing

More pictures from our "Family Date" up on the mountain.  It was so much fun to see our four bambinos having such a good time together walking, climbing, playing games.
The kids LOVE to climb rocks at this particular place. 
I was fine with our little guy climbing on little rocks like this.
I was fine with them laying down, taking a break.
Or making beds to lie in on the rocks.
I was fine with them hanging around at the bottom of the rock piles, pretending to climb mountains.
Little guy was happy to be "down below" until everyone decided that it would be more fun to climb UP to the top of the rock piles.
He doesn't like to be left out.  And he thinks he is much older than his three years!
Up and away they went, with Daddy following and Mommy worrying...

Nathan got so high up I think he frightened even himself.
Though he was quickly back to his smiling self!
Alex liked his spot under the tree.
Elizabeth made it to the top.
Andrew was right behind.
Good times had by all.

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