Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Paintings by Elizabeth

Elizabeth has been painting up a storm again.  This picture is a favorite of two of her brothers - a "Fourth of July Special" as she calls it.
This is a favorite of both Mommy and Daddy.  We made prints for each of our office walls.
Love the colors in this one.
This is her "sunset" picture.  She says she made a mistake while painting, but it turned into "the best thing ever".  She likes how the sun turned out and likes her "cloud" on the side.
This is a picture she painted for her friend Kylie, who is putting together a "sealife" bedroom.
Elizabeth starts College for Kids on Monday and is super excited.  She will be taking a two week painting class with her friends Kylie and Sarah.

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Linda said...

Wow! I am really impressed. The second one--you and dad's favorite. Did she really intend for all the faces to be in the picture. I am seeing a whole lot of faces there.