Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good-bye EI! Sniff. Sniff.

For the past three years Nathan has been involved with Early Intervention.  We've had a social worker, speech therapist, and physical therapist in our home each week for nearly three years.  Today we said THANK YOU and GOOD-BYE. 
When the pediatrician called us when Nathan was three months old and told us that the visiting nurse felt that Nathan really needed Early Intervention we were, truthfully, less than thrilled.... angry that the visiting nurse didn't have the courage to discuss her concerns with us directly, overwhelmed by Nathan's needs, and not sure that Early Intervention providers would be helpful. 

We. were. so. wrong.  Our providers were wonderfully helpful.  They worked with Nathan, showed us how to help him when they weren't there, gave us information about insurance and programs and helped us wade through piles of medical documentation.  They helped us connect with other parents whose children have complicated medical diagnosis...  They provided a much needed "ear" when times were tough.  Last week Nathan's physical therapist joined us for an appointment at Shriner's.

I made this collage for Lisa, Emily, Becca, Betsy, and Jenn and gave it to them today.  They made a huge difference in our lives.  We will always be grateful for the head start that Nathan was given in Early Intervention... and I will always be an advocate for funding for the program!

Good-bye EI!  Sniff.  Sniff.

Now we enter the land of IEP's and pre-school at the public school.  We're apprehensive, but hoping we'll be surprised by how helpful Nathan's new providers are.  He starts services this summer... we opted out of having him start in a classroom next week when school ends in just a few weeks.

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Linda said...

Graduations can be two sided swords. So anxious to be moving on forward, but hating to let go of the familiar.