Sunday, May 16, 2010

Faces and Flowers at I Heart Faces

This weeks theme for the I Heart Faces challenge is "faces and flowers".  While I have lots of "flower" pictures, I don't have very many pictures of flowers with faces  :)

I took this picture of Nathan last week to use as a thank you note for Nathan's Early Intervention Providers. Nathan is turning three this week and "aging" out of the program. Nathan's workers have been in our home a couple of times per week for the past three years. I'm gonna miss them! I wanted to do something special for them and created a thank you note with a picture of Nathan's first year (oxygen tank and all) and a current picture and wrote "You made a difference" on the collage. Then my printer ran out of ink... Coulnd't print the cards to give to the teachers on Friday... but will give them to some of the providers on Wednesday.

I didn't intend to have Nathan hold flowers for the picture... but ELizabeth had brought them downstairs and once Nathan saw them he wouldn't let go of them! Then I figured it would make a cute picture for the card as we are giving each of the providers flowers or a potted plant.

Want to see lots of other fun pictures of flowers and faces? Head on over to I Heart Faces to check them out.


JAMIE ANN said...

He is Cute! I love the story too!

Linda said...

He is so cute and growing up way to fast.

Lisa said...

Even though you didn't intend for Nathan to be holding flowers it works perfectly for this iheartfaces!

He is a sweetie!