Friday, December 11, 2009

Hide And Seek

This morning I woke to the sounds of the kids playing hide and seek (yes, I got to sleep in.... My husband usually takes the "early shift" - until 7 - with the kids as I get the kids when they wake in the night).

Nathan called out, "1, 2, 3, 19, 18, Hide and Seek.... Here come I"

I just love, love, love listening to kids when they are learning to talk. They come up with so many entertaining and adorable things. I especially love listening to Nathan talk. Our sweet little guy was silent, completely silent, for so long (over 2 years!). It's a delight to hear him babbling away, communicating, making folks laugh. Thanks be to God!

Here are a couple of other cute things Nathan has said this week:

I was rushing about trying to get out the door with the four kids the other day. I asked Alex to get his shoes on and he didn't oblige. I asked him again, only to walk back into the room and see that his shoes still weren't on. In one of my finer parenting moments, I yelled at him to get his shoes on! Nathan looked up at me with wide eyes and said, "NOT TO WORRY!"

A couple of nights ago I was at the dollar store with the four kids. They had each earned a dollar to pick out a Christmas decoration of their choosing (Their choices - a giant stocking, some garland, a bow). Nathan was over-tired and kept trying to run around the store. I kept track of him until I had to pay at which time I asked the kids to keep their eye on him next to the register. I heard a shriek and looked over to see Nathan yelling, "Nay-Nay escape. Nay-Nay escape." Nay-Nay is what Nathan calls himself. He was announcing to everyone that he wanted to "escape" and run around the store.

I love you little man. And I love you Elizabeth, Andrew and Alex.

Poor Elizabeth has a UTI. I hope you feel better sweetie!


Amanda said...

Hope she is all better now!! I was laughing at readering Nay Nay escape!! I can SOOOO see my kids doing that!! Too funny! Your little man is so smart!!


Alexis said...

Your snow looks great!!! I'm so glad you tried it! Your kids are sweeties.

Cop Mama said...

I just stopped over here from MckMama's community on Blog Frog.

What an adorable header with your kiddos pics! God Bless.

Kate said...

Love your header! Your children are beautiful. If you don't mind, please package Nathan up and send him my way via Fedex so I can have his cuteness with me.

Michelle said...

LOL! What a little stinker! I just love what kids say. My youngest at dinner always says "Let's pray it up".

You have a cute blog! Thanks for replying to my question on MckMama's forum!

Be Blessed,