Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Card

As promised, here is the "inside" of our Christmas card... well, not quite. I left up Elizabeth's snowman painting as I really like it.

This year in the ********** household

* We began the exciting though sometimes intimidating journey of homeschooling our children. So far it is working out well. The kids love to learn and we are enjoying our flexible schedule.

* Alex (almost 7) had his first visit from the tooth fairy! He recently lost both of his bottom middle teeth!

* Elizabeth (8) is thoroughly enjoying her watercolor lessons. She painted the snowman on the front of our Christmas card!

* Our family enjoyed a two week vacation in Kauai with Kari's aunt and Kari's sister and family. We got plenty of rest, visited the beach every day, swam with turtles, laughed, rode horses along the bluffs (Elizabeth), took a helicopter ride over the island (Gordie and Andrew), took basket weaving (Kari and Elizabeth), hung out as a family without the interruption of work, household chores, and cell phones.

* Andrew (8) is spending hours each day playing on our new (used) piano. He's taking lessons and is enjoying composing his own songs. We've also discovered that he has a beautiful singing voice and he is enjoying learning to sing hymns.

* Nathan (2 1/2)is finally talking up a storm after two years of silence. He amuses us all with his choice of words. He's got an infectious smile and an enthusiasm for life.

* Elizabeth spends oodles of time writing and illustrating creative stories.

* Andrew is happiest when he is doing anything related to Star Wars - putting together Lego sets, reading magazines or books, or watching Star Wars the Clone Wars on TV.

* Alex continues to be our resident chef, bread connoisseur (his choice of words to explain his love of all kinds of carbs!), and bird enthusiast. He's also learning to read.

* Kari spends much of her free time practicing with her camera and has recently starting a side business doing photography for family and friends.

* Gordie continues to work at ***** Airport and Kari continues her part-time position at ******. In these tough economic times we are thankful to be employed. We don't know the future, but we do know the One who holds our future in His hands... and we are grateful for His goodness to us!

May God richly bless you this holiday season and in the coming year,


RaD said...

Wow! You daughter has talent! Those are beautiful watercolors.

I just popped over from a comment you left on another blog. You have a beautiful family. Have a Happy New Year!

Amanda said...

I am consistently blown away but that daughter of yours, but by the sounds of it, all of your kids have amazing talents!