Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Eggs

Recipe for Fun: Add little fizzy tablets to vinegar and water and turn these nice white eggs into colorful creations. I love being with our kids while they decorate eggs. They have so much fun laughing and creating, and remembering past egg decorating evenings.
Andrew was so serious this year about his creations...
Perhaps because he has a new found love of all things Star Wars and had Star Wars stickers to use on his eggs this year.
Elizabeth had her own set of experiments going on.
It's quite a production. (Notice that Mr. Nathan is not in any of the pictures... Maybe he'll get to participate next year)
Elizabeth was thrilled with how bright her pink egg turned out.
And she liked this speckled egg. She and Alex decided to see what would happen if they put their already colored egg in a pot of boiling water. It looked as if the color all came off the egg after being "reboiled".... However, when the egg was dyed in another subsequent color, it turned "speckled". They seemed to enjoy their little experiment.
Mastering the art of using the "egg tongs"... not a small feat for little hands.
Remembering the reason for the celebration (The "Jesus" egg, not the Star Wars stickers! :)
The rainbow egg!
Alex liked the designs left behind on the paper towels!

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