Saturday, February 14, 2009


Hutch and I decided to try our hand at poetry last night when we were making valentines for the kids. Thought I'd share our "handiwork".... It's definitely not award winning poetry, but the kids enjoyed it.


There once was a boy who was one
He laughs much and is lots of fun
He doesn’t quite talk
But he sure can walk
Some day soon he will start to run

He loves hot dogs and also the bun
His smile wins over every one
He loves his bottle
And can’t wait to cuddle
Our hearts he has completely won


There once was a girl who liked art
Who also had a loveable heart
She soon will be eight
We all think she’s great
She’s also incredibly smart


There once was a boy who loved bread
He asks for it even in bed
He greatly loves birds
But can’t stand their turds
Bright flowers will do in their stead


There once was a boy who climbed trees
He ate peanut butter and green peas
He plays in his fort
And tries not to snort
He works very hard not to displease.

In case anyone wonders about the peanut butter and peas, Andrew has eaten that a couple of times at supper. He's not very fond of peas, but says he can handle them better when mixed with peanut butter. Whatever floats his boat! He's still eating his vegetables, right?!

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