Saturday, February 14, 2009

De Je Vu

Last year at this time our family was hit hard by the flu. My mom was visiting and was sick. Both older boys ended up in the hospital due to dehydration.

This year God has been gracious. We've got sick kids, but not quite like last year. Andrew got the flu and had a 104/105 temp for several days, but managed to keep hydrated. Nathan got the bug last Friday and got quite sick really quickly. He had a high fever (over 105 with meds) and he had a hard time breathing.... we took a trip to the ER, and after steroids, blood work, x-rays, and nebulizer treatments, got to come home. Nathan's heart rate remained up over 200 for 24 hours, but thankfully that resolved on it's own. Alex now has a cold, but none of the high fevers that his siblings had. We're counting our blessings that Elizabeth, Hutch and I are healthy at the moment. :)
Poor kiddo was really miserable. All he wanted was up!
Good thing Kleenex was one of the weekly bargains a few weeks ago... i stalked up and didn't need to spend much money. We've gone through quite a few boxes in the past two weeks.
Why don't the kids see fit to throw their tissues in the waste bucket? They prefer the bowl.... probably because we clean it out for them.
Nathan's battle scar from the ER.

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