Monday, April 5, 2010


This picture is my favorite of the hundreds I took yesterday.  I love how excited Nathan was to look for eggs, and love that Elizabeth was running by in the background.
Hope everyone had a very blessed Easter.
Sweet Alex
Our beautiful girl
Andrew dipping into his treat back from Uncle Tom and Aunt Jane Ann
The whole clan minus Mommy...
Why is it so difficult to get a decent picture of everyone?  You can dress them up but you can't make them pose for pictures!  :)
The only reason they were standing on the stairs is the promise of an egg hunt as soon as I got a decent picture... didn't get a good picture, but they did get their egg hunt. 
Not seen in this picture:  Nathan pitching a fit in the corner because I dared to comb his hair and request that he get in the picture.  LOL.  I should have known better...
Had lots of fun taking pictures of Nana's flowers.


Anonymous said...

What pretty pictures!


Amanda said...

Oh my goodness... I needed to see this!! I LOVE those outfits and those smiles and those beautiful kids of yours!!! WONDERFUL!


Kelly said...

Great pics! I love yellow and blue together also! :)