Sunday, January 24, 2010

What is this???!!

Can you tell?
It's something my husband made.....

Not the shape you'd usually expect!

It doesn't taste quite right either!

Yep, it's a LOAF OF BREAD made in our breadmaker!  I knew you'd recognize it.  :)

I've been on a mission of late to have our family eat more healthfully.  I'm working toward trying to rid our house of processed foods... or at least many of them.  We're expanding our taste buds.  We're eating more things from scratch.  When our pantry shelves run bare of things like crackers, fruit roll ups, and cheez-its, I'm not replacing them.  And... we've been baking bread.... from scratch... often times (but not always) with the help of our new bread maker.

Hutch has been quite supportive... and has taken over making loaves of bread in our breadmaker.  He's made a few loaves and all have turned out well.... except tonight....  Me thinks it might have something to do with the fact that he tried a recipe entitled "traditional white bread" and used whole wheat flour rather than white flour!

Send postive thoughts our way - and recipes - as we take on this new endeavor.  Neither Hutch nor I grew up eating particularly healthy foods... and, well, lets just say the non-healthy food is much more attractive at the moment than the healthy food choices.

And, that loaf of bread... it tastes much better than it looks.  I wouldn't have torn a piece off of the top of it or anything to try it....  nah...  We'll see what the kids think in the morning.

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Linda said...

Amazing....You're probably right about the wheat flour instead of white. But if it tastes OK, then looks aren't all that important.